Title: sapidusb.zip
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/sapidusb.zip
Size: 59 KB
Date: 06/08/94
E-mail: anguilla@raphael.acpub.duke.edu
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One of my all-time favourite DooM 1 maps.x
interesting theme (although not exactly great) but it repeats itself to hell. nonlinear, but that just makes it more confusing since the map looks the same everywhere you go, it honestly looks like it uses 10 sectors or less. i'd say it's pretty good for june '94 though, but there's much better wads that are older than this (see barsella's deadbs10 & mtfire09 for examples). still, it's in the better half of maps its age and worth looking at for nostalgia. *** -sargebaldyx
I didn't like this at all. It's larger and has more enemies than most maps from mid 1994, but playing it is a chore, because the design is dull and repetitive. It reminds me of Matt Falk's "Death Star" level, but it's greatly inferior. Corridors, rooms, monster layouts are repeated over and over again. Even the final puzzle repeats itself. The monsters don't react until you shoot them, and there are few things more tedious than gunning down lots of demons with the plain shotgun.x
Not bad. Enemies suffer from blindness though, but that's to be expected considering the map's age.x

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