Title: sewer.zip
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/sewer.zip
Size: 65 KB
Date: 02/13/95
Author: Matt Reid
E-mail: troym@netcom.com
Description: Ok-here is my second full scale level- its not very long but it is REALLY hard-there are a LOT a enemies , and i recommend that you use the cheat codes for this level.....cuz it's really tough....oh well...anyway, I got the name from the "Sewer" that is in the south west area of the level....you'll have to find it in order to complete the level.....
Build time: about 2 hours...
Editor(s) used: DoomEd for Windows ver 2.60 or something....
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This is dated February 1995. It's actually E2M2. The name didn't enthuse me. The level itself is mostly a tedious featureless maze that you absolutely have to explore, done on a larger scale than usual - I felt like an ant - but boring to play. 250 mostly weak baddies. I gave up shooting them in favour of just running around, and then I got bored, gave up, and edited Wikipedia's entry for "Prostate Cancer" so that it said "fagit" 173 times.x

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