Title: spiral.zip
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/spiral.zip
Size: 29 KB
Date: 04/21/94
E-mail: richk@netcom.com
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This is one of the first ten or so levels in the database. It's surprisingly good; the detailing and textures are consistent and no worse than most maps from two years later, the layout is imaginative and its major sin is that there are only a handful of monsters. The secrets are too subtle, although you don't need the extra weapons and health (one of the secrets is inaccessible). This is light-years ahead of most other early wads, it even has working triggers.x
A fine professional-looking WAD, its only flaw is the low monster count. 100% secrets is no problem. all secrets are accessible. - N_Ax
I give it a 5 considering it's from 1994 AND file number 24 on the archive. ~Joe Andersonx
Lack of enemies is not the only flaw in this map, also the marble pillar the rocket launcher is on, if you rise it when it goes back up you become trapped. Other than these two problems however I agree with the previous reviewers. It has sleek design with the spiral in one of the rooms (hence the name) and makes for a fun wad even though it's short and lacking a lot of monsters 3/5. Average but good, try it out and see for yourself.x

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