Title: TECHBASE.WAD v1.0
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/techbase.zip
Size: 23 KB
Date: 06/01/94
Author: Brandon Reinhart
E-mail: jwine@ink.ink.org
Description: After the "Doom" incident an interplanetary war was sparked between the Humans and the creatures from Hell. You were sent on a mission to a major enemy military installation to gather intelligence....but you were captured. Sl`Tek Kor, Commander of the 121st Infantry (also a spider daemon), found you lurking around and imprisioned you....but not before you were able to find out that a major weapons shipment is about to take place.

You find yourself now inside the holding cell in the military compound. A drop ship has arrived and the weapons are being loaded on by Sl`Tek Kor himself. You've gotta find a way inside that drop ship and get to wherever those weapons are headed. Wherever it is.....it's gotta be BIG...

Read the file TECHBASE.STY included in the zip to get a complete background. It also includes useful info concerning the presence of Sl`Tek Kor. (Play the WAD.....you will understand then...)
Credits: Blake Reinhart -- Playtesting/Nifty ideas Bret Rodgers -- Playtesting
Base: I found a pack of wads on a BBS. One of the levels had no monsters in it. No deathmatch spots....no nothing. I took it....played with it....and came up with this...
Build time: About a day (not counting DEU 5.2 learning time)
Editor(s) used: DEU v5.2
Bugs: There was a strange texture glich but it hasn't shown up for about an hour so it should be gone. The textures should be aligned (I made it a priority to learn texture alignment BEFORE my first release.).
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Rather short level, reasonablty fun, nothing spectacular in visuals but not particularly bad-looking either. A few texture pegging errors on lifts and doors, also a place you can get trapped (a lift that comes down with monsters and if you go up on it you can't bring it back down). Otherwise okay.x
It's a techbase all right (surprisingly, one of only two levels in the archive to actually be called "techbase"). I dock a star for not crediting the original author. It's a very short map that takes place around a hangar that has a spiderdemon. You go into the hangar, get a couple of keys, go up a lift, and then flick the exit switch; there are 56 monsters, mainly zombies and shotgun men. It's not big enough to properly judge, and it would be a dull deathmatch level.x

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