Title: TsotsoFx
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/tsotsofx.zip
Size: 1300 KB
Date: 12/20/04
Author: Michael "Optimus" Kargas
E-mail: optimus6128@yahoo.gr
Description: Episode 1 replacement. These levels suxx. Since a very long time ago (96?), I started WAD editing with Deu. This is a bad mix of my very old levels that I decided to release as they are. Funny sounds (some, in greek language) included.

My next levels will be good, I promise. I am currently building another old level which was supposed to have good detail and a new one I just started. I use modern editors for good texture alligning any more and eliminating the stupid bugs with BSP building programms. I am very obsessed with detail and found appropriate tools, so it won't be so bad next time ;)

Enjoy my old WADs for the moment..
Credits: Stefan and Kostas Kargas for some additional sound effects.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Mainly Deu, then DoomBuilder and Bsp-w32 for correcting few critical bugs.
Bugs: A lot of unalligned textures, I decided to left them as they were and work carefully on my new WADs instead
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