Title: ttadom11.zip
Filename: levels/doom/s-u/ttadom11.zip
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Date: 05/12/94
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Oh, there's one skybox on this map!x
This is dated April 1994. "You are a hyper-cool tech-warrior who likes to kick demon ASS!" says the readme, and that's nice to know. The level itself is bland and dull, not bad enough to be a joke and not good enough to be fun. It feels like a disjointed set of small rooms one after the other, each one a different theme, with 50 weak monsters scattered around. There's a germ of gameplay, traps, creative design etc, but not enough. The promised TTA series never arrived.x
Personally I felt that this map was made quite well especially for 94 and considering this was meant to be a start map for a larger episode it works perfectly. The rooms do not feel completely disjointed, they kind of feel otherworldly and this adds to a kind of atmosphere that most 94 wads failed to capture. However some of the rooms just look plain bad, but there are some good fights in here too and the bad rooms usually are just there to bridge gaps between rooms. Overall this is average but good 3/5.x
I like this! This is really good if you consider the fact that this was made in '94. And it has a skybox! Well, kind of.x

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