Title: zaphod12.zip
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Date: 03/08/95
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The level is a bit strange, but more in an interesting way than a bad one. It is sometimes hard to figure out where to go. The included .deh patch seems not to work. I'm not sure if it's possible to exit (perhaps due to the failure of said .deh patch).x
A nice, unorthodox level. You start in a boat that promptly sinks as soon as you step out. Sarges are replaced with small spiders (who still drop shotguns), there are a few decent new sounds. The supplied DeHackEd patch doesn't change the gameplay. The exit works, and there is no problem getting 100% kills and secrets, but it takes close to 20 minutes - see my demo at DSDA. - N_Ax
This is dated Christmas Day, 1994; you fight 300+ baddies in an entertaining although frustrating castle-dungeon-thing level. It's large and mazey and smacks of 1994, but it's imaginative. Reminds me a bit of Yak World, although the progression is a lot harder to work out, and there's far more running (including an interminable intestine section). "Interminable intestine section" would be a good name for an early Pink Floyd track, you know?x

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