Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/fizzb1.zip
Size: 618 KB
Date: 09/05/99
Author: Dave Lizzio (A.K.A Fizzdude, MetalliFizz, Fizzmonster)
E-mail: fizzmonster@yahoo.com
Description: MAP01 for BooM or ZDooM ONLY (DooM II) Anything else and you're gonna be in deeper shit than a midget cleaning out a port-a-potty near the back of a bran muffin factory in Mexico.
Build time: Heh yeah like I keep track. Way too long.
Editor(s) used: DETH, and DETH only.
Rating: (7 votes)
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I like to look up these unreviewed, unremarked levels from the past in case one of them is a hidden gem. This is quite good. The design is clean and well done, and there is an enormous amount of monsters and ammo; it's almost like a kind of hybrid conventional/slaught er map at times. It's great fun although very linear.x
Hardly a "hidden" gem - this is a well-known map from a few years back. Otherwise, what the guy above said. 4/5x
Not bad, I like lots of monsters. 4/14/07x
This is from September 1999. It's decent fun. You fight 665 monsters in a mid-sized gothic library-castle style map. Nice buttresses. It starts off very grid-like, then opens out a bit, although it's frequently copy-and-paste. The gameplay is a bit monotonous, and it's not hard if you play it methodically because there's a lot of health and ammo. If however you just dash around in circles it's very entertaining, with lots of infighting.x
Quite sweet.x
Wow... I never actually expected anyone to still try and find these maps. This is particularly cool for me personally, because this one, FizzB1, is my map :) It's the only one I ever actually released.. Thanks to everyone here who still plays these things. I'd almost completely forgotten about this. 3/21/10 -Davex
liked, except that it took 14 minutes and 180 monsters to kill with shotgun before I got the ssg. Also really surprised this isn't a Fiffy map, but the author does thank Fiffy in the txt file.x

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