Title: Grind2X
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/grind2x.zip
Size: 142 KB
Date: 12/05/02
Author: Kara C. Rader
E-mail: Kara@xfury.net
Description: A new, monster-filled version of Grind2.wad with a few extra features that are spice up the level a bit; like the camera.
Credits: myk, DOOM Anomaly, DooMer 4ever, and Torn, and everyone else that played the level. ^_^
Base: Grind2
Build time: I forget.
Editor(s) used: Registered DeePsea
Bugs: VPO and stuff. Don't use Doom2.exe
Rating: (10 votes)
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great level! although i personally prefer grind2 -sargex
a lot better than grind 2. +x
yeah what they said. 5/5x
Much like the original, but with more than four times as many monsters, and they're tougher. There are some other tweaks, including light-amp goggles, an arrow pointing at one of the secret walls, and some monsters in previously-bare parts of the level. The toilets are still a waste of design effort, though. The balance of ammo and health is again well done, although there are lots of rockets. The cyber fight is a bit irritating because of the fiddly landscape.x
Glad I found this back, it has 5 times as much monsters then the original grind2 but you don't need to search for firepower. Didn't mind retrying after dying, it's optimized for replays. Many possible routes and short. 5/5 coldfusio.x
I hate it (especially the gameplay) :-P ! 1/5x

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