Title: Hell Legacy
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/hl.zip
Size: 2654 KB
Date: 05/29/09
Author: Unyx
E-mail: windf@centrum.cz
Description: Just two levels which I created plus some other stuff like decorate, new textures etc... Maybe there is nothing amazing, because I am novice at level making, but I really tried my best.
Credits: Id software for creating doom Monolith for some textures and sprites Freedoom authors for some textures and sprites Carnevile for skulltag Lool is cool for bloodalphasawedoff and SMG weapons Vader, Tormentor667 for Chaingun Major monster Eriance for Hellion monster Espi, Vader for stone imp monster Rolls,Ghastly Dragon for Butcher monster Dark archon for imp warlord monster. I hope I credited everyone properly
Base: Levels are from scratch, monsters, weapons and some textures are from realm667 website. Some textures and sprites are from freedoom.
Build time: A lot of time
Editor(s) used: doom builder, XWE
Bugs: Some unclosed sectors but they dont affect gameplay
Rating: (69 votes)
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