Title: MarsDoom preview
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/marspr9c.zip
Size: 2434 KB
Date: 09/28/00
Author: Berthold Becksch„fer, Thomas Lokum
E-mail: beckschaefer@mpie.de
Description: These are eight levels of a whole set of Doom ][ levels by Berthold Becksch„fer and Thomas Lokum. In contrast to many Wads abroad, this one has been styled thoroughly paying attention to the correct arrangement of textures, a logical level layout et cetera. Be prepared to solve a puzzle or two as well. Of course this does not mean we forgot to put in a good bunch of monsters!
Base: from scratch
Build time: Waaay to long (about 500 hours).
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21, DEU2, BSP 1.2x, RMB 2.1, DeHackEd 3.0a IDBSP, WARM, WinDEU
Bugs: Minor HOMs in large outside areas.
Rating: (14 votes)
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good job!!x
needs way more ammox
One of the best wads ever...x
Wow this is...... legendary. One of the best wads ever to date.x
Interesting ideas. Lot's of cool stuff. You have to escort a lady that shows her tits. But had me running around searching what to do next in most levels. 4.5/5 - Optimusx
impse baby! Seriously, it could be better. @ least have working sprite frames for the new monsters. ~1/5x
Starts out really awful, you need persistence to make it passed the first 2/3 maps. However later on there is some really cool stuff to see: Sentry guns that can be armed / disarmed, some neat fake 3D effects, a minefield, a hostage rescue, a level full of evil marines, a cool heretic level... People who make maps may find this interesting. dwrTagx

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