Title: Mortal
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/mortal.zip
Size: 485 KB
Date: 03/16/08
Author: Gijs van der Linden
E-mail: gijz@yahoo.com
Description: Demons have infested ... bla bla ... just 5 levels of mayhem
Base: All levels from scratch.
Build time: 8 weekends or so
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder
Bugs: None
Rating: (8 votes)
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This is dated June 2007, although the maps look and feel ten years older; the designer compensates for this by upping the monster count, but the end result is often a tedious slog. Map01 in particular suffers from making you kill 400+ monsters before you get the double shotgun. Map02 is a cratemaze, Map03 is a dungeon, Map05 a giant empty valley. My favourite was Map04, which is the simplest - it seems awful at first, but the gameplay is solid, like SQUARES.WAD.x
Limit-removing is not enough on its own. Map01 requires Boom behaviour - otherwise you can't get out of the starting area. Don't know if there are other problems later...x
Wicked Cool. -Jingox
Actually this is quite a decent level set, if constant killing is your bag. I loved the warehouse section on map02 - reminded me of my early days at DOOMing. There are some fundamental mapping errors like texture alignment as well as some obvious copy-n-paste activity, but nevertheless, a bloody good ride was had. 4/5x
Not a bad map set, I shall give this a 3/5, yet its a bit short. But overall, it was good!-Candle Mx

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