Title: The Nucleus
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/nucleus.zip
Size: 102 KB
Date: 02/27/11
Author: Varant Yessayan
E-mail: v.yessay@gmail.com
Description: Another month, another release: this time, a very sketchy (and I admit, ugly) original idea left to lie on my hard drive for 13 years (now 14, happy new year!) has gotten a new lease on life as a bloody, brutal self-contained level. Geared for less switch hunt (I read the criticism), more slaughter. All roads lead back to the core, the main arena, hence the title of the piece. There aren't any difficulty settings implemented: only the speed of your foes and the pain you're dealt need increase. Ammo and health are tight, of course. But no getting stuck in nukage pits this time around, I promise! As usual, freelook and jumping need to be activated for full enjoyment. Cheers!
Base: Modified
Build time: Couple of months - fastest. build. ever!
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder 1.68
Bugs: None that I've found. Notify me if your experience varies.
Rating: (7 votes)
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Average work. Disbalanced map. Requires more revision.x
Very unbalanced map but AWESOME (!!!) Leveldesign it looked very original. 5/5 -Omegamerx
Way too many weird texture placement... it just looks strange. It's not hard... even on UV. Still a decent play. 3/5 for the effort.x
very very hard..x
This map isn't bad. But just it. And some traps very unfair I must say, like the cyberdemon trap. 2.5/5 -playerlinx

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