Title: Primary: Gold
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/p_gold.zip
Size: 2211 KB
Date: 06/04/13
Author: Membrain/Scripten
E-mail: scriptensmg@gmail.com
Description: Primary: Gold is an updated version of my first map release. It is very, very large and is sprinkled with a great number of encounters based around several varying locales. Gameplay is best described as a mix of classic Doom and an action-adventure title
Credits: Xaser: Music Nick Baker: NB_Grey Textures Phobus: Beta Testing for original Wildweasel: Beta testing Zdoom/Doomworld Forums: Answers Many thanks to all involved!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Err... years. On and off.
Editor(s) used: Doombuilder and Slade (GIMP for the sprites)
Rating: (8 votes)
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chesse20: rlly fun and well made a game for the whole family, even ur dog to playx
Good looking; has a sorta Half-Life feel to the layout, although it's a little mazey and easy to get turned around. The skill ramps up as you go, and moves from cramped to wide open battles. About a quarter of the way in I got absolutely flummoxed, and had to jump to continue, which seemed like the correct way to go but I didn't see anything in the readme file about jumping so I'm just guessing that was right. It's a solid, well thought out level that is fun and action packed. x
Where's the beef?x
Very impressive, I Like the epic feel to everything moving from different areas all in one level, especially loved that you changed the sky texture for hell. The bossfight was interesting, the platforming was ok, I absolutely HATED the instadeath pitfalls, fuck that shit especially in a game like doom where you kind of slide after moving. Normally I don't like wads that try to create realistic areas, but this is a fun math and definitely worth a playthorugh.x
A somewhat entertaining half-hour slog that takes from a humble, base beginning before slowly carrying you into hell's corner of the outpost. While there are some gripes to be had - namely the insta-death pits, the somewhat redundant battles, and occasionally over-cramped gameplay - it's a solid enough play and worth looking at if you've got some time on your hands. 3.5 -Snakesx
Awesome remake of Primary.wad. Really cool! 5/5!x
Good level, but avoid using insta-death pits in the future. It's much better to provide proper escape route from pit traps. Also, I felt that the rooms could be more inter-connected, because this seemed a bit like a room-corridor-room-c orridor-room setup.x

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