Title: A wad made by Ruben
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/wmdr.zip
Size: 92 KB
Date: 02/01/14
Author: Ruben F. Duarte aka BennyD
E-mail: rubenfduarte@outlook.pt
Description: Third try at making maps for Doomworld. I hope this won't be the last one.
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: For my playthroughs I didn't notice any game-breaking bugs. For my playthroughs I've been using GLBoom Plus, I guess might have some trouble with software rendering that I didn't notice.The only annoyance you is one of the levels might have ghost monsters not made by purpose. I've found that in one of many playthroughs, so may or not happen.
Rating: (5 votes)
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It's okay. A couple of mistakes in it but it's not bad. I liked the first level.x
Dutch Doomer
Map 32 seems inspired by Plutonia map 32 "Go 2 it" A nice slaughter map. The first two maps were okay-ish.x
Wow. Not bad dude. Forgot to set DOORTRAK to lower unpegged and didn't put the right flats on top of the doors. Overall, liked this. Also liked the detailing. 4/5x
Just . WOW! THis is like TNT difficulty! I LOVED it! Hope to see more of these amazing wads! 2 things : 1 = didnt see the yellow key in map 2... the last map, the last switch didn't work. Overall AMAZING! 5 stars for you!x
Are you serious guys, 5* for this wad with no exit @ map 11, indicating that no-one has played it out or doesn't mind, including the builder??? C'mon :shakes_head:. Architecture: very simple - 2/5. Textures: not bad, not special: 3/5. Gameplay @ UV starts ok but turns into a cramped slaughterfest with a lot of ArchViles: 2/5. Overall: 3/5 for the efford. BTW the wad file starts with a map without a name. And please update the zipfile here. Succes with the remaining maps.x

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