Title: World trade Federation missions time travel
Filename: levels/doom2/Ports/v-z/wtf_time.zip
Size: 4734 KB
Date: 03/17/14
Author: HELL Eater
E-mail: soupermandude87@gmail.com
Description: You are a super b4dass soldier marine man for the World trade Federation! you get a call one day saying that the demons have come and stolen Mario and Master Chief. they plans are to take them back in time to the beginning of the universe and destroy baby earth so everyone dies and nobody can celebrate Christmas anymore. You cant allow that! you grab a pistol and follow them through the time machine...
Credits: The Great It'Kpf - Friend and the great sounds! id software for quake.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Long, like a whole year.
Editor(s) used: The map editors and the lump editors and the midi editors and the graphics editors
Bugs: Me and The Great It'Kpf submitted it to a crack team of ten patent lawyers who play tested it thoroly. there are no bugs, it gets perfection.
Rating: (6 votes)
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It sucks! ~0/5x
5/5 for the textfile alonex
Not a Terrywad (?). Still sucks.x
Crashes on startup? "Execution could not continue: 1 errors during actor postprocessing" got this message in multiple ports?x

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