Title: desert2.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/desert2.zip
Size: 176 KB
Date: 07/13/03
Author: Eye del Cul
E-mail: eyedecul@ono.com
Description: My biggest level at this moment, near 500k of blood and pain... And designed for the Doom2.exe, so isn't necessary the use of Source-Ports; hmm, well, at any rate, better if you do it. There's a lot of cannon fodder (imps, zombiemans); this means funny action with the chaingun.
Credits: Everybody who still plays Doom... The authors of the WADs that inspired me to create this "Desert Horror"; D.O.A The Conspiracy (Part 2), Addictiv.WAD, Memento Mori, Jackinbx... Useful to learn to do the special effects that I use in my map. My friend Anarko for playtesting. Aerosmith for some nice music :-) Without them, the hours of work with the editor had been more boring... Finally, to all who voted for this level during the 4th Cabro's map tournament, and make it the winner.
Base: Ninguna.
Build time: February and march of 2003, and a indefined number of hours (¿between 30-40?)
Editor(s) used: WinDEU, BSP 5.0, REJECT 2.1 and SCRATCH
Bugs: Well, this isn't a bug, but an inevitable inconvenience. When you exit from the game, surely found below the end screen an horrible error message; "Can't load Command.com, system interrupted", or something similar... Well, this only is important with the old computers that still use MSDOS; with Windows, there's no problem. I suppose that is a consequence of the map size. I aslo fixed the "Savegame buffer overrun" that appeared in the first tests of the map. May be, if you play in ultra- violence and deribelately don't pick the ammunition of those zombiemans...
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superb mapx
Big level with lottsa fights, including some very nice looking areas. -- 5/5x
A realy great map. 5/5x
I reall enjoyed this map!x
The lighting on the outside area was horrible. And if its supposed to be a desert, then no buildings should be nearby and the sand should be TAN, not brown. 3/5 for effort though and good use of textures.x
Pretty and long map. But I dont like use of wolfenstein guys in these maps. It's a bit easy too. But a decent 3.5/5x
'Map has 2 unused sidedefs' and 'Sector 642 (tag 0) has no lines' Otherwise, feels a bit slow.x

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