Title: The Trial Zone (1)
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dm2tri.zip
Size: 72 KB
Date: 12/30/05
Author: Bob Back
E-mail: funduke@hotmail.com
Description: (--------- Extract from mission breifing #1959=7S-Trial -----------------) Mission objective: Secure all sectors of the environs known as Trial. Intelligence: Intelligence reports indicate several sectors with dual functionality. Proceed with _extreme_ caution. Your insertion point will be along access tunnel #7S south of your target area. Computer mapping accuracy is estimated at 75%. There will be no backup. Initial enemy strength is weak, secure the Computer Complex first, the rest is yours. Tactical Division require all evaluation and simulation systems to be left _intact_ at missions end. Background: Sectors in the Trial appear to have been used for research into advanced military training methods and as such may contain a great deal of highly sensitive and desirable material, especially weaponry and munitions. Additional: As of this time no exit route has been located in this area. It seems highly likely that the exit (which must exist) lies somewhere outside the confines of the Trial Zone. (----ENDS#1959=7S---)

Remember, stealth and speed can be just as effective as a emptying a full magazine... this is not a game!

Let me know if you enjoy...
Credits: BSP 1.2 by Colin Reed DEU 5.21 by Raphael Quintet & Brendon J Wyber Ported to DOOM ][ using DM2CONV by Vincenzo Alcamo idSoftware for producing the epic
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21
Bugs: None
Rating: (5 votes)
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A decent map, nice fights at the YK and exit. Too bad the heavy weapons are easily available. 3/5 - Belialx
Tableau tres beau que j'ai passe en une vie en 38min 16sec - 5/5 - Eye'sx
This is dated December 1994. It's surprisingly well-designed for the period; the textures are all out of skew on'treddle, but the layout is complex and there's a decent lot of baddies. Suffers from the fact you have loads of plasma and health (and a BFG), and there are several dark switch hunts. It ends with one of those 1994-era cyberdemon battles where you get an invulnerability sphere. For the period it's very good, still not bad today.x
I liked itx

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