Title: Dreams Of Insanity
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dreamsoi.zip
Size: 584 KB
Date: 05/12/97
Author: Magnus Ander
E-mail: m94man@student.tdb.uu.se
Description: * The first level (house) is a model of the house where I live, with some other buildings added. It is played mainly outdoors. ** * The second level (stone) is supposed to be the work of an ancient civilization. Some outdoor areas, but mainly indoors. ** * The third and last level (bloody) has an outer shape of a castle and a large outdoor area (good for deathmatch maybe). Played mostly indoors. ** * Because of the way I have placed the levels you will probably guess that there is a secret level (iron). The only secret is how to get there.
Credits: ID - No comments needed! Antony Burden and Simon Oke - DETH Colin Reed - BSP 1.12x Norbert Voss - Encouraged me to finish this WAD. Steve McCrea (Author of TRINITY.WAD) - Info on how to create a movie. Olivier Montanuy (through Steve McCrea) - Info on how to create a non-repeating sky.
Base: All four levels are built from scratch (of course).
Build time: I think it adds up to 2 years now, active + passive time. As a student I have a lot of other things on my mind too.
Editor(s) used: DETH, BSP 1.12x, DEUTEX 3.1, Image Control 2.15, PSP 2.01 and DOS-edit.
Bugs: * HOM in outdoor area on MAP16. ** * If you are low on RAM, you might get the error "Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of bytes" on MAP16. DOOM will exit to DOS due to this, so remember to save often. I did with 4 megs and a maximum of free memory!
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Four levels from May 1997, starting at Map14. They're badly marred by a rubbish sound replacement, the kind where the monster voices are ten-second samples that overlap into incoherence (the lost souls in particular). The maps are generally dull and mazy. Map14 is a "my house" level, not bad as far as these things go; Map15 is just aimless wandering, Map16 is a large but empty and undetailed castle, Map31 is a maze made out of octagons.x
It's OK.x
pretty coolx

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