Title: The Devil's Fury
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/fury.zip
Size: 491 KB
Date: 09/29/98
Author: Paul Derbyshire (PGD)
E-mail: pderbysh@usa.net
Base: New levels from scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DoomEd, WinDEU for Windows 95, WinTex 4.3 for texture, demo, and level name insertion. Warm for DOS noduilder and editor built-in nodebuilders. Paintshop Pro for drawing textures and cutting and pasting level names from pieces of the original level name graphics. FRACTINT, the ever popular freeware fractal generator, for a psychedelic design on a wall on MAP12.
Bugs: Tiny bit of HOM on level 2 cause of node builder glitch. Still trying to fix it trying other nodebuilders. Level names on map screen are still the old names, i.e. entering MAP07 you see Ship of the Damned, on the map still says Dead Simple. I haven't a clue where in the WAD the map version of the level names are to go and fix them. If anyone knows don't hesitate to e-mail me :)
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I've played lots of crappy mini-megawads, usually with a dozen identikit levels that suck individually and blow collectively. But this is really good - the design is often shoddy, but the gameplay is solid. The levels start off as short, fun blasts, and expand out. It has a Doom 1 air, especially as there are very few Doom 2 monsters, and it's not very hard (there are lots of hitscan enemies, but also lots of health).x
Playable, but pretty tame 12-level mapset. Very oldskool in concept. 3/5 -Maesx
Weird, this has an unfinished version of MAP11 named CWIL01 which can opened with DoomBuilder! Other than that, it's pretty average mapping and way too easy. At least the maps are laden with secrets, to the point that the gameplay is basically getting rid of the monsters and then going for that last secret...x
real fun '97 episode, starts small and keeps growingx

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