Title: exec.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/megawads/exec.zip
Size: 1503 KB
Date: 03/19/00
Author: may NOT use any levels or textures as a base to build additional
E-mail: vincentfong@freecall
Description: Welcome to EXECUTION, 18 high-speed deathmatch levels all designed with head-to-head gameplay in mind. As well as quality gameplay, these levels feature new textures, flats, ambience and graphics to make these levels look, feel and sound just as great as they play, which some deathmatch levels don't have.
Credits: A huge thanks goes to Nick Baker and Schronzki for their time and effort in fixing the enormous texture problems encountered in about 14 levels, as well as all the other level designers and members in the team.

Credit goes to the members involved in the GOTHICDM series for inspiration.

... and YOU for downloading Execution!
Base: New levels from scratch, bar Justin Saunder's maps that are updates from older versions of his maps.
Build time: 2 years, this was mainly due to members leaving the dooming community leaving only myself and a few other members to work on the rest of the project.
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: None. But if there are, please report them.
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The action is fast and fun, the maps are all small and bloody but still "clean" and you won't get stuck anywhere. Just keep running or you'll be fried! Insanely fun when playing 4 people. To summarize, none of these maps will go down in history as "classics" but they all make for a few good hours of DM mayhem! --3/5x
Great map set. Good looks, exciting gameplay.x
The best DM megawad EVER!x
It's not good, but I've seen a lot worse. I was going to give this 0 stars, but then I remembered about the Gothic series. -deathz0rx
It's a very entertaining wad, its nearly the best ive ever seen, others out there will go on saying dwango5map01 is the best, but in my opinion, the worst level in this wad, is better than that of ANY dwango ever created. I still stand along side my opinion that Judas23 and dweller2 map11 are the best 2 death match maps ever created, but exec will keep you busy with many many hours of great deathmatch. 4/5 - Mike Reinerx
What a cool wad!! It's fun to play with -Torpedo (5 stars)x
Best FFA wad! If only BritXX were not so popular... I know those are from the same authors, but i hate britXX!x

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