Title: QUAD.WAD (possibly final)
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/p-r/quad2.zip
Size: 25 KB
Date: 03/17/96
Author: Timothy A. Harris a.k.a. ArgenT
E-mail: argent@nji.com
Description: Similar to level 7 in size and purpose, but architecturally more complex. Gameplay should be more chaotic too. :)
Credits: id, Ben Morris (DCK 3.1) Testers: Munyul on IRC #deathmatch
Base: New level from scratch (as always)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 3.1
Bugs: None
Rating: (1 vote)
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this map rocks. plays a lot like map07, except the BFG is harder to get. very nice. -FraGMarEx

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