Title: Shell Shock planet one
Filename: levels/doom2/deathmatch/s-u/shellsho.zip
Size: 186 KB
Date: 03/14/00
Author: Shane Ward
E-mail: kggf1@hotmail.com
Description: New level for DOOM2. Which is ment for deathmatch but has single player options. Realy good in deathmach. Try it!!!! You may notice that it was a little blotchy in deathmatch. That should work better TIP Shoot all the trees, the game should run smother.
Credits: The makers of WINDEU, BSP Node builder and the new doom game.
Base: New level from scratch!
Build time: Two to three days.. More when updated
Editor(s) used: Windeu
Bugs: May run slow and if the program Provided is not used a normal doom program could crash!
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