Title: Guardian
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/guard.zip
Size: 39 KB
Date: 05/16/97
Author: darren morris
E-mail: hbmaooris@value.net
Description: -some good light effects -some good architecture -good ammo to monster ratio -note- -5 secrets -best if played on u.v.
Credits: LUAREL,MATT B., ALSO id and windue baby!!!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WINDUE16 AND WINDUE32 BABY!!!
Bugs: ZERO
Rating: (3 votes)
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prity cool you thank its going to end but then... well find out for yourself x
This is dated May 1997. I liked it. It's a fun short blast that doesn't do anything wrong, although it's very easy. You face 49 monsters in a modest, symmetrical dungeon. The design is solid and hasn't really dated. It has a nice multi-part ending, although I was expecting something more ferocious than a pair of demons and a pain elemental; and the secret BFG isn't secret enough to make the spider boss battle hard. But it's good.x

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