Title: iditarod.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/g-i/iditarod.zip
Size: 456 KB
Date: 04/07/96
E-mail: ecannon@freenet.fsu.edu
Credits: DRSLEEP for guidance...and coolness
Build time:
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Rating: (7 votes)
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prity good the gameplay is allrite and the overall dezine is prity good the new sounds are prity cool to but thair is only won thing i dont get.... what the hell dus this have to do with the iditarod?... 4/5 -simon cowel x
This is a solid set of levels, especially for 1996, from a designer who went on to work for Epic Megagames (Doomworld has an interview with him at http://preview.tinyu rl.com/38hxj7 ). Tough and a bit switchy, simple design, a few design tricks. Too many maps rely on you flicking a switch and then running to go through a distant door, e.g. Map05, which is irritating. Map10 starts crap but has a nice finale. Good sound replacement, inc. new rocket whoosh.x
Cool '96 wad. I liked the switch puzzles. Helps to listen and look at the automap to see what does what. I didn't pistol start the levels, except map01.x

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