Title: The power supply (Second version)
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/juente.zip
Size: 63 KB
Date: 06/14/03
Author: Eye del Cul
E-mail: eyedecul@ono.com
Description: A futurist level, neither large nor hard... The evil demons strike again, infesting the largest UAC energy generator. What they will try? To stop their plans -if they have- the earth defense forces have sent the silliest marine of the academy... Well, good luck.

In this "second version" I fixed a design bug; now, you can't get trapped in the water, near the generator and the red keycard... better, no?
Credits: Hmmm... No, the "responsibility" is only mine.
Base: Ninguna, salió todo de mi "celebro".
Build time: Between 29-march-2002 to 4-april, a week more or less...
Editor(s) used: DEU2, DEU 5.21, NWTPRO and BSP 5.0
Bugs: Known none. Unknown, may be...
Rating: (10 votes)
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This is a very enjoyable level. There are plenty of surprises that keep the corridors that you've run down a couple of times fresh and action-packed. Very cool stuff :) --Ze1l_1388x
fun to play it, simple but still attractive design, 3.5/5x
Not bad. The level design was decent and it was action-packed. It also felt like an Episode 2 level. 4/5x
Strange map. Tightish ammo and a few good traps surrounded by clumps of the same monster and multiple slow parts where you're just backtracking. A few odd design choices (4 switches raising bridges to the same area? sniping lost souls through a thin doorway? a backpack secret just before the finish room?) and the textures are mostly SHAWN silvers and grey stone/panel. Layout is fairly good, but detail and flow definitely need work. 2.5/5 -jjx
This is dated May 2003. You fight 142 baddies in a E2-style techbase (particularly E2M2). The gameplay is done to a strict formula whereby you explore, grab a key, backtrack, encounter a trap, grab the next key, etc. It's very old-fashioned and endearingly retro, and as has often been said it would be a good opening level from an E2 replacement (which the author could theoretically have done; he made enough levels).x
Fun, not too long and plenty of monsters to kill. 4/5x
Featureless map. 2 star.x

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