Title: KNOB's Carnage! (part II) (for Doom ][ Only!)
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/knob2.zip
Size: 469 KB
Date: 12/10/94
Author: Jeff
E-mail: knob@netcom.com
Description: This level is the second of more of it's type. It is pure carnage! This one is better than the first, I promise!
Credits: Jeff Rabenhorst, the author of EDMAP 1.23. This is the best program for level editing!!! Hats off to you, Jeff! Also to my girlfriend, Toni, who thinks I love Doom more than her (not true)! Also to NWT guyz, they made the sound bits possible.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Edmap 1.23
Bugs: Bugs? Ahh, could be...
Rating: (3 votes)
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I liked itx
If this was late 1993 and not 2012, I would still be completely appalled at how bad this is. Even the annoying Beavis and Butthead sounds do not redeem this. The previous reviewer is either the author or a retard. 0/5x
^ fuck you, I'm not the author or a retard, I actually thought it was fun. -TimeOfDeathx

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