Title: Let It Roll
Filename: levels/doom2/j-l/letitrol.zip
Size: 168 KB
Date: 02/05/02
Author: Sean Bernard
E-mail: SeanB51229@aol.com
Description: There are no areas where you can become trapped. If you seem trapped, look carefully; there is an exit somewhere.
Credits: id
Base: New from scratch
Build time: I started this WAD four bottles of whisky ago (approximately 12 days).
Editor(s) used: DEU for DOOM 2, DEUTEX v3.6, Autodesk Animator, ColorView v2.1 for DOS
Bugs: Of course not. I would not release something if I knew it had bugs.
Rating: (3 votes)
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This includes a photo of the author hard at work on what looks like Map02. These three maps are competent but nothing special, and far behind the curve for 2002. The first map is a gimmicky thing which squeezes most of the action into a single multi-level room; the second map has a nice, clean room with a cyberdemon, but I can barely remember anything about it; and the third map similarly slips my memory. There's loads of rocket ammo and health. It's all very bland and forgettable.x

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