Title: Fragtime Marine
Filename: levels/doom2/m-o/mkfrgtme.zip
Size: 254 KB
Date: 07/10/04
Author: Mark Anthony Klem
E-mail: myk@helnyte.zzn.com
Credits: Peter Sigler & Eric Sargent for their time testing Multi-Player modes. Special thanks to everyone who plays this level and likes it.
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Rating: (6 votes)
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Excellent map from the 90's, and Mark Klems best level. Definately one of my all-time favourites 5/5x
Groovy little wad. Lots of cruelty and violence.x
Violent map where you constantly have to watch your step because you're ambushed all the time. Pretty good, but nowhere near Mark Klem's best (see e.g. MM map 32 for a far more polished map). The map's progression and layout is also a bit strange, and the map has too much of a maze-like feel to appeal to me. All in all, average. --3/5x
lol crazy evle lepercon musick! 4/5 x
One of my favourite maps from the 90s. Great stuff 5/5x
This is dated May 1995. It's a mixed bag. The mazey layout is an annoyance and the gameplay is frustrating, killing you off if you go the wrong way. It gets easier as it goes on, because there's eventually a wodge of ammo and health. On the other hand there's a lot of action and some clever secrets. Invulnerability makes your screen turn blue if you run it with PrBoom. The invisible stairs don't look so good. It ends with a plug for a project that never came about.x

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