Filename: levels/heretic/j-l/lavalord.zip
Size: 140 KB
Date: 02/26/95
Author: Kenneth S. Forte
E-mail: fusioncon@globalone.net
Description: Original PWAD for Heretic (Registered)
Credits: Authors of various software products. Rich Condon for ideas and testing. Justin Powell for testing.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: About 1 Week, on and off
Editor(s) used: HEU v5.21, BSP v1.2x, RMB v2.1
Bugs: Some slight node screwups that aren't readily apparant. Even though these levels were recompiled with BSP 1.2x, some of the structures are a tad chaotic, and you might see the occasional slice thru a wall...
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Awesome level set that seems designed for coop play, given the amount of monsters, ammo and items, and some secrets requiring using morph ovum to a team mate to go through small tunnels. Monster tp'ing is clearly mastered there, even better than Final Doom's. Too bad there isn't settings to make it affordable in single player. 4/5 nonetheless. ~Naanx
Good stuff, hard on single player, would love to try in coopx

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