Title: Puzzle
Filename: levels/heretic/p-r/puzzle.zip
Size: 24 KB
Date: 08/22/97
Author: Gaurav Bedi
E-mail: bedigk@juno.com
Description: A nice puzzling level for all you heretic lovers. NO NEED TO CHEAT IN THIS LEVEL!! Please email me with your comments
Credits: GT Interactive creators of Heretic
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Rating: (3 votes)
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Ugly + ammo flood + boring switch runs = 1/5. ~Naanx
Too many items, not so much of a challengex
Well, it's a puzzle, but not much of one. It's all based around switch-operated doors, and once you've figured that out the rest of the level is pretty dull. There are some visual errors and weird inconsistencies (lava hurts in some areas but not others).x

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