Title: CHUXEN: Beyond Hexen (all right, maybe not --but definitely worth the download!)
Filename: levels/hexen/a-c/chuxen.zip
Size: 326 KB
Date: 07/27/96
Author: Chuck Grant
E-mail: chuckyg@ix.netcom.com
Description: HEXEN replacement hub (6 levels) designed for the single player
Credits: Ben Morris, Author of DCK, king of level editors All the good folks at the (c) Coors Brewing Co.
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: Many months, on and off
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Absolutely 100% bug-free
Rating: (10 votes)
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nice mod x
Excellent levels!! Thank you!x
Best map set that exists for Hexen, IMO, not counting Deathkings. Has its flaws, though--Chuck seems too fond of "floor falls out making you die" traps in particular. Still some great stuff in there, though. Most useful use of wings I've seen in Hexen, and a boss map that's what Deathkings' boss map should have been like.x
Plain. 3 stars. Mr. Sz.x
thises maps is good but i find a bug on metal base (the elevator in lava dont down -1 star) 3-1 = 2x
This is a very entertaining hub for Hexen. The previous comment about the boss level is definitely true. I'd say this one is worth downloading.x

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