Title: Dreadnaught...a complete hub for Hexen
Filename: levels/hexen/d-f/drednaut.zip
Size: 248 KB
Date: 03/23/11
Author: Scott McNutt author of SM Levels Darrell Esau (scripter extraordinaire)
E-mail: smmcnutt@best.com
Description: In Dreadnaught you are Kane, an immortal who was doomed to roam the Earth by the god that created you. The punishment levelled at you for killing your own brother and thus brought terrible violence to the Earth. The irony is that the god was a corrupt and cynical part of the supernatural universe overruling Earth and you, Kane, rebelled against being used as a pawn. Your adventures take place in all ages of Earth. Your sword and battle prowess is at the service of any ruler who can pay your price. You are a true anti-hero who changes sides to suit your own advantage and mood. You never age and remain as old as you were when the god cursed you. You can be killed but up to now no human has come close to doing so.

A complete 5 level hub. Scotts Portals, is the beginning of your long and tasking journey. From here you will have access to the other four levels. You will have to complete the first three, The Swamps of Thark, The Tomb of Quarix and The Palace of Ice before you get access to Veda's Vault. Once Veda's Vault is conquered you will revisit Scott's Portals to finish off the ramaining beasts and ghosts of days gone before you free yourself from the curse that was cast upon your soul.
Credits: Oh Great Master Lawrence and Slacker 415 (testers extraordinaire)
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Obsolete upload. See id=7131 for two-hub version.x
Seconded, I've had the 2-hub one for a decade.x
It's a useless upload and not a great hub anyways.x
Correct hub! 3.5 stars.x

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