Title: Rick's New Music For Doom
Filename: music/dmrkmus.zip
Size: 49 KB
Date: 06/16/94
Author: Rick Kelly
E-mail: bubsy1@aol.com
Description: This wad contains new music for e1m1-4, e2m4, and the interlude between levels and the victory screen.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1, DMMUSIC
Bugs: Mixed on SBPRO, results on other devices may vary.
Rating: (2 votes)
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oww my freakin' ears 1/5x
I think the music is glitched.. E1M1 sounds like something from do-tims.wad. I would be really impressed to see someone play E1M2 on guitar, but it's insanity. E1M3 and E1M4 are very, very basic rock n' roll tracks. E12M4/the title screen seem to have a glitched rhythm.. Really weird MIDIs.x

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