Title: The Call Of Ktulu
Filename: music/ktulu.zip
Size: 20 KB
Date: 05/24/97
Author: Stephen Patterson
E-mail: s.r.patterson@herts.ac.uk
Description: The Call Of Ktulu by Metallica, inspired by HP Lovecraft's Call Of Cthulu, and supposed to be a call to a malignant god. Appropriate huh!
Credits: id games, Metallica
Base: Dowloaded Ktulu.mid off the internet ages ago
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Wintex, Midi2mus, dos editor V1.1 (best program microshaft ever wrote!)
Bugs: None. Oh yes, this isn't really a bug but I suppose I'd better mention it. The music is about 13 minutes long, so you need a really huge level to appreciate it fully.
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