Title: Ultimate Music Patch WAD for DOOM and DOOM II, v6.1
Filename: music/udmusp61.zip
Size: 473 KB
Date: 01/29/97
Author: Patrick Kalinauskas
E-mail: allurian@nai.net
Description: Replacement for all musics. Covers both DOOM and DOOM II.
Credits: The artists of the various songs. See the appropriate LST file (D1UMP61.LST or D2UMP61.LST) for songs.
Base: No levels (music only)
Build time: 7 months (counting time to acquire MIDIs)
Editor(s) used: MIDI2MUS, DEUTEX
Bugs: Bugs?? It's a MUSIC wad. Get real.
Rating: (13 votes)
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just ripoff songs. just remade midi on it. the end. FUCK YOU, 0 star. deal with it.x

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