Title: Wuffy Skin
Filename: skins/rf_wuffy.zip
Size: 650 KB
Date: 09/15/06
Author: ravage
E-mail: dragon_69283@yahoo.com
Description: Werewolf skin
Credits: Id Software
Base: Doom's seargent sprites, some 3d models
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Psp7, nwtpro 1.14b, wintex 4.3
Bugs: For some reason, it doesnt show up in Zdoom.
Rating: (10 votes)
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nice, wish it worked for zdoom tho.. x
Feet are kinda big, and perhaps the zombieman parts could use some tweaking to look less bulky and more original. Really good otherwise.x
Ignore the trolls. This is an expertly-crafted skin. Far exceeded my expectations. I like that you can customize the fur color as well. Only problem is that the taunt is too quiet, especially for a wolf howl.x

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