Title: Riffs of Doom! v1.0
Filename: sounds/riffs.zip
Size: 636 KB
Date: 06/05/95
Author: Karel P Kerezman
E-mail: rael@europa.com
Description: Various stringed electric instruments of rock and roll to liven your Doom exerience!
Credits: Yikes... many many musicians have unwittingly provided the fodder for this 'experiment.'
Base: Good luck. If you actually figure out all of songs I used, more power to you. In fact, if you have some samples that you like better than some of the things I've used, feel free to contact me... Heaven knows this file has room for modification!
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DMAUD v1.1, Master FX for Windows
Bugs: Bugs? In a sound patch? Of course, use at your own risk, etc.
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Most of them have pops at the end, so zero points. It's a bunch of muffled, hissy, low-quality samples of guitar licks - not riffs, but licks - presumably made by running a cable from the author's cassette deck into the back of his 8-bit Soundblaster card. The file is dated October 1994.x

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