Title: Bloodlands
Filename: themes/TeamTNT/bloodlands/tntblood.zip
Size: 1035 KB
Date: 08/02/96
E-mail: info@teamtnt.com
Description: Bloodlands is a set of 32 DOOM II Deathmatch-only levels from TeamTNT. It is now available on ftp.cdrom.com and its mirrors. See below for the exact path.

We tried to pay attention to deathmatch in Icarus: Alien Vanguard, but there's no substitute for dedication. Bloodlands is all deathmatch, all the time. We have small levels for tight, high frag-count mayhem, and larger ones for more players and for the folks who like hunt-and-seek deathmatch. But in every case it's going to be a fun time.

You wondered what happened to the weekend when you played Icarus. You'll wonder what happened to the month when you play Bloodlands.
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here we have another dm wad, even if i liked Reclamation more than this (this is more oldschool, but has some high quality levels anyways), the maps are kinda bigger than Reclamation and good enough for a 4 players ffa. i recommend this, but i prefer Reclamation. 3,5/5x
anyway five from oldschool player in modern timex
great mapsx
There are some pretty good oldschool maps in here, along with some real crap. It's worth hosting imo, if you're willing to carefully select your maplist. The best TNT DM wad, the others are a lot worse.x

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