Title: Army of Darkness DOOM Total Conversion
Filename: themes/aod/aoddoom1.zip
Size: 3310 KB
Date: 11/30/03
Author: Stefan Maes
E-mail: maes@uia.ua.ac.be
Description: Always dreamed of being Ash? Well buddy, here's your chance. Gun down skeletons in the graveyard. Hack apart Deadites in the Pit. Blow away Bad Ash at the windmill. To put it in the words of the help screen: "Be Ash and protect the town of Arthur and make your way home to S-Mart. Armed with a torch, shotgun, chainsaw, and Winchester, you'll have the best Doom add-on experience ever made." 'Nuff said.
Base: Almost everything from scratch.
Build time: 9 months or so. Way too long!
Editor(s) used: Many
Bugs: None
Rating: (74 votes)
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