Title: Memento Mori II Info
Filename: themes/mm/mm2info.zip
Size: 388 KB
Date: 07/27/96
Description: The final Doom 2 chapter! This file contains the Info-Pack Mission briefings, screenshots Author info and more... This is not needed to play MM2 !
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Rating: (6 votes)
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seriously stuffx
If you rename the file "mm2info.wad", then you can play 2 secret levels for Memento Mori II. MAP01 is a decent little level that would've fit in with the first six levels of the megawad. However, MAP02 feels like it was rejected due to poor quality. The architecture and texturing is poor and the battles are unfair, especially at the end. This wad's still a nice addition to MM2, though. 3.5/5x
Don't bother. The first map is very easy, even in UV, and the second map is buggy. There is a reason these two maps were left out of the full release. x
Firtst map sucks. Second map has a decent layout, but the monster placements feel mindless and over the top. Not up to the standards of the main megawadx

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