Title: Memento Mori 1 - complete lmp collection
Filename: themes/mm/mmuvlmps.zip
Size: 475 KB
Date: 03/20/97
Author: George Bell, Istvan Pataki, Peo Sjoblom and Yonatan Donner
E-mail: bell@advtech.uswest.com
Description: This is a collection of recorded demos (lmps) for all 32 levels of Memento Mori 1. All lmps were recorded on skill 4 (Ultra-Violence), ending with at least 100% kills and 100% secrets, as fast as possible, where it's possible. Some levels are coop-optimized. In these levels we got the maximum possible amount of kills and secrets in the shortest time.
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A decent collection, they could have done a better job checking for missed monsters though.x

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