Title: tails-fw.zip
Filename: themes/sonic/tails-fw.zip
Size: 59 KB
Date: 04/16/95
E-mail: Jaswin@freenet.fsu.edu
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Rating: (7 votes)
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this file sucks major ass. It's not even a wad file, it's just a few pictures and a bat file. Next time use more sprites and use XWE to put in the sprites!x
tails is too cute to kill, and besides, as the other review said, it's a few suck ass picture. oh, and btw, "This is a quality (I hope) graphics patch for Doom I or Doom II, it shouldn't jam your machine up, at least it didnt jam mine". "quality", eh? fat chance. and HOW could it jam up your computer? AVOID THIS FILE. PERIOD. 0 out of 5.x
This wad was made more than a decade before the "quality" meme was made up at /h/. Even though it applies here and more (because it's shit gfx), the meme is retarded anyway so this wad would have failed at any point in time.x
The author could have at least used DMgraph to make this an agtual wad file.x

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