Title: Security to the Bidet!
Filename: themes/startrek/scumtrek.zip
Size: 40 KB
Date: 09/02/94
Author: Arthur Young
E-mail: arthur.young@stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Description: SECURITY TO THE BIDET! Jean Luc is

nowhere to be seen, the security team

was toasted hours ago and Deanna Troi

has a headache. Just why the Enterprise

is crawling with Imps and Cacodemons,

no-one knows. They should be aliens

with latex on their foreheads and noses,

but alas, we make do.

You are Ensign Wesley Crusher - your

mother was on planet leave when _strange_

things started to happen. Data got a life,

Lwaxana became a nun, the security team

came back from planetside intact, Worf

came out of the closet, Riker _didn't_

scam on some babe and Tasha Yar came back

from the dead ... again. Ya-know, it's the

little things that give it away. It's

gonna be a tough day.

Set phasers to rotisserie and report to

transporter room three on the double. You

must join your mum before _you_ get toasted

and the Enterprise gets a parking ticket.

Just look out for Q in a very special guest

appearance in engineering!
Credits: Neil for his computer and the rest of his

flat for inspiration and the location for

playing ST-TNG drinking game - (rules

available, just email to


Finally, thanks to President Bill Clinton

(Billy the Kid to his friends) for his

personalised letter. Just send mail to

President@whitehouse.gov telling him you're

a mate of Arthur's and he'll see ya right

if you want any small South American

countries invaded.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 12 hours...
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21, DEU 5.21gcc, BSP12x
Bugs: cockroaches, wetas, dung beatles, earwigs

rhinocerous beatles, John, Paul, George,

Ringo, ants, carpet beatles, spiders,

bedbugs, VeeDubs, wasps etc...
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Remember Star Trek? No? Back in 1994 it was a given that everybody on the internet was a fan of Star Trek; the boring, modern kind of Star Trek. Times have changed. This is a modest Star Trek level with no custom graphics or sounds. It's basically a big, poorly-textured, angular maze of undetailed rectangular corridors, shaped roughly like the Starship Enterprise. Has no more gameplay than any random lot of rooms. Texture alignment, what's that?x
1 for calling it scumtrek hehex
Pretty the only thing that's good about this wad is the description. Other than that, ignore this.x
only funny if you know what a "bidet" isx

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