Title: Star Trek - Doom Invasion
Filename: themes/startrek/trkdom11.zip
Size: 498 KB
Date: 02/05/95
Author: Thomas Spaulding and Grant Jacobs
E-mail: tsplding@symnet.net
Credits: id for Doom, Bill Neisius (bill@solaria.hac.com) for
Base: New level from scratch. Started out as DoomI but later changed to Doom II for the greater use of monsters, weapons and graphics. Then due to a great amount of requests converted back to Doom I having to redraw the Warp nacelles and the end level over.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: See the addirional credits
Bugs: None that we found!
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This is a nostalgic trip back into the 1990s, when there was a 1-to-1 overlap between computer users, sci-fi fans, and Doom level designers. This is a large, open-plan map with ugly textures. It plays like one of those university / hotel levels, just a lot of corridors with rooms along the sides. The auto-opening doors are a pain to go through. It's a tedious experience that turned me off within a minute or so and never turned me on again.x

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