Title: tab4.zip
Filename: themes/tab/tab4.zip
Size: 27 KB
Date: 05/06/97
Author: Michael Cortorno
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A fun although flawed level. There's a lot of action and it flows well, and I was never bored. There's one trap in particular that made me grin. But there are some lava pits you can fall into and not get out, and one part of the level is basically impossible unless you kill all the monsters beforehand (as a true man you should doing that anyway, but still). I'm still confused as to how you can chainsaw skulls and arachnotrons - the blade would just slip off, surely?x
Misaligned textures don't bother me much as long as a map is fun and challenging. (I mean, it's not Oblivion, after all.) The room full of Knights and Barons burns a lot of ammo, keeping this one challenging. (For my personal use I've used Doombuilder to merge the 30 TAB maps into a megaWAD, so it matters what I have at the exit.) 3 stars. -- Salmacis1968@msn,com x

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