Title: H2H-Xmas.wad
Filename: themes/xmas/h2h-xmas.zip
Size: 1897 KB
Date: 02/27/96
Author: (See Credits)
E-mail: jelson@conline.com
Description: 32-level pwad for Doom2 (Doom 2, required)
Base: The H2H wad series & 17 new levels.
Build time: Who knows?
Editor(s) used: A wide variety of editors and tools.
Bugs: Hopefully none. :) But I wouldn't be surprised if we missed some texture alingments given the rush to get this done in time for the holidays.

BTW, I ran all of the levels thru a reject builder. However, if you have a 486 with an ISA video card, the H2HMud levels, maps 12, 14, 15, and 17, will still play slow due to the very large number of monsters in them, especially map17.
Rating: (77 votes)
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