Title: dck362.zip
Filename: utils/level_edit/dck362.zip
Size: 584 KB
Date: 03/13/97
E-mail: help@islandnet.com
Description: of the field you're editing in a Pop-Up window beside the dialog box. You can turn this on and off in File|Configure. - A nicer-looking, proportional font. - More configuration options. - A much quicker method of finding what you're looking for in lists of items, specials and so on: type a couple abbreviated words and DCK displays all the items that contain those words. You'll see what a difference this makes when you're looking for that bloody green thing, but you can't remember what its proper name is! - A real mouse cursor instead of that awful green thing.
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INCREDIBLY good, but sadly DOS only :( *****x
DUde thats what DOSbox is for http://dosbox.source forge.net/news.php?s how_news=1x
DCK was the best until Doombuilder. 5 stars.x
Indeed it was, I used to use it until Doom Builder came along. 5/5 for ease of use.x
This and 2.2f were my level editors of choice in the mid/late 90s before Doom Builder was around, namely because of line drawing based instead of vertex based drawing.x
Pure awful, gives me errors on startup but it ounds like the best doom leveleditor out there. 3/5x

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