Title: WAD Master v1.01b
Filename: utils/level_edit/wm101b.zip
Size: 385 KB
Date: 03/09/95
Author: [ice] and MK
E-mail: esargent@whale.st.usm.edu
Description: WAD Master is a utility that I wrote to help in the managment of DOOM 2 PWAD (patch) files. It allows you to add and delete directory entries, import or export directory entries, and much, much more!
Credits: Mark Klem for testing it and coming up with most of the ideas. (mark.klem@swcbbs.com)

Dr. Doom for having a cool BBS and aiding us with this release. (DOOMMania BBS 317-662-8842)

Matt Fell for his wonderful Unofficial Doom Specs - a necessity for any Doomer! (msfell@aol.com)

Raphael Quinet and Brendon J. Wyber for releasing their source for the best Doom level editor, DEU. (quinet@montefiore.ulg.ac.be b.wyber@csc.canterbury)

Mike Tedder for his help and code on the SoundBlaster.

And last but not least, iD Software for making a cool game for this utility. BTW--DOOM and DOOM2 are registered trademarks of iD Software, Inc. Who else?
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Wow this is pretty darn good although the level editor is kinda hard :-(x

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