Title: DooM PostScript Maps Utility v2.6
Filename: utils/misc/dmpsmu26.zip
Size: 198 KB
Date: 08/30/95
Author: Frans P. de Vries
E-mail: fpv@xymph.iaf.nl
Description: DMPSMU is an interactive utility on Unix and DOS (source code included) to generate PostScript maps of levels in DOOM, DOOM ][, Ultimate DOOM and Heretic. It offers several advanced features:

- detailed control over layout and appearance of the page(s)
- multi-page capability, printing on 2 or 4 normal pages
- detailed control over which Things will be printed
- fading LineDefs that are secret or part of a secret Sector
- shading secret Sector areas, but not their inner Sectors
- linking teleporters and their exits by faint lines

It is derived from DEU, the Doom Editor Utility and retains from this tool all functions that have a read-only effect on the main WAD files, thus allowing examination but not modification of these files under Unix, and it has a new function to display a level's vital statistics. A command-line based utility DMPSMAP with only the map printing function is also included.
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